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There are several views about how the universe began. I propose another one called: Circular Motion Hypothesis.

It says the dominate force in the universe is Circular Motion.

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This hypothesis starts with a singularity consisting of a huge but finite amount of circular motion revolving at a high but consistent speed.

Since light did not occur until after the formation of stars. Circular Motion could have been faster or slower than the speed of light.

The singularity had: No Gravity, No Time, No Mass and No Space.

Singularity size could have been small or as large as the "expansion" period discussed in many singlarity theories.

Foundation of this hypothesis is based, on my opinion, that the universe is dominated by circular motion. This includes, elliptical, wave, spiral and angular momentum (spin).

With the possible exception of light, there is no linear motion in the universe. If there were, the universe would eventually expand into a disordered state.

Here are examples of circular motion.

  • Moons circle planets.

  • Planets rotate and circle around a sun.

  • Galaxies circle around a central point, that is often a black hole.

  • Electrons circle protons in atoms.

  • At subatomic level you find particles that spin.

Big Bang

The Big Bang ripped apart the uniform circular motion into a large but finite variety of lengths.

At the small end of a scale, particles were formed. I assume protons in hydrogen atoms were one of these early forms of motion.

Another creation of the Big Bang were waves. These would have been created by the expansion and compression of circular motion.

After the Big Bang

The circular motion released a variety of shapes. From single discreet motion, like protons, to massive "clouds" that later condensed into galaxies.

The "space" between galaxies is not empty. Some scientists refer to it as "Dark Energy" or "Dark Matter".

I call it debris from the Big Bang.

Explosion of stars and black holes, with their tremendous energies, created elements from circular motion in their interiors.


No one has explained the sourse of gravity, so I will offer one. Circular motion before the big bang left a "memory" of motion following motion.

Hence, motion is always seeking other motion. Large "bodies" of contiguous motion would have a greater power of "attraction".

This is a preliminary essay. Please email me your comments. I will rewrite this essay as I learn more.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
First Published: 8/18/19
Last Revised:11/12/19
Email: dlwilmeth@icloud.com






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