Maybe it is a personal quirk of mine, but I think women deserve a word free of any "male" connotation.

Many years ago women starting using "Ms". I liked it. Evidently women or more likely men disappoved or lost interest. It is now rarely said.

After much though, OK male thought, I have selected for my personal use the term Lady or Ladies in describing the female gender.

FYI: Lady origined from Old English "hlǣfdīge" (denoting a woman to whom homage or obedience is due, such as the wife of a lord, also specifically the Virgin Mary).

Dictionary defintion of lady: "a woman who is refined, polite, and well-spoken" or "a woman of high social position or economic class".

Evidently, for most of history there was not a separate term to describe a woman.

- - - -

Just learned that Lady and Lad are derived from Lord. I should have quessed that earlier.

This means Lady is also a term with "male" connotation.

Women should decide how to replace the "male" connotation of their name with a more suitable one.

- - - -

I suggest using a foreign lanuguage to find a non-male term.

Women and men have same IQ. However, women with inherent qualities of being more caring, social and nonviolent should be smarter and arrive at better solutions to problems.

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My apology to Shakespeare for rewritting his famous quote.

A woman by any other name would smell sweeter.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Firt Published: 3/31/19
Last Revised: 4/15/19



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