Attention Women: I look at our male-centric culture in a serious/funny way with several jabs at men.

Please read. You will laugh and maybe cry a little.

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Before choosing "Male-Centric", I considered several terms to describe our male centered society:

  • Male Superiority - Arrogant term I hate. Women in my opinion are better in many ways including leadership.
  • Male Dominance - Accurate term, but has a sexual connotation I find repulsive.
  • Male Privilege - Also accurate, however men falsely belief they
    deserve their privileges.
  • Bro' Culture - A slang term that describes the worst aspects of our male centered culture.
  • Androcentrism - Ancient Greeks used this term, which places a masculine point of view at the center of one's world view, culture, and history thus marginalizing women.
  • Patriarchy - Social system where males hold primary power and dominate political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property.
  • Male-Centric - Term describes today's society.

Recently I discovered how language reinforces our male-centric society.

Wo(men) is the word "men" plus a prefix. From a linguistic standpoint, women do not have their own separate word to describe themselves.

- - - -

Here are a few male-centric words with funny and not funny jabs at men:

amen - a(men)
argumentative - argu(men)tative
badman - bad(man)
bogeyman - bogey(man)
businessman - business(man)
caveman - cave(man)
cheap - c(he)ap
cheat - c(he)at
demanding - de(man)ding
dismantle - dis(man)tle
emancipate - e(man)cipate
female - fe(male)
gunman - gun(man)
hangman - hang(man)
headache - (he)adache
heartless - (he)artless
hedonist - (he)donist
heel - (he)el
hell - (he)ll
helpless - (he)lpless
hitman - hit(man)
her - (he)r
human - hu(man)
madman - mad(man)
maleficence - (male)ficence
malevolent - (male)volent
manager - (man)ager
manger - (man)ger
manhandle - (man)handle
manic - (man)ic
manicure - (man)icure
manipulate - (man)ipulate
mankind - (man)kind
manservant - (man)servant
manslaughter - (man)slaughter
mansplaining - (man)splaining
manufacture - (man)ufacture
many - (man)y
menace - (men)ace
menial - (men)ial
menopause - (men)opause
menstral - (men)stral
mental - (men)tal
menstruation - (men)struation
person - per(son)
omen - o(men)
she - s(he)
the - t(he)
them - t(he)m
woman - wo(man)
women - wo(men)

Many phrases are male-centric:

  • I now pronounce you man and wife.
  • The history of man.
  • She's your man. Maybe this should be considered an insult to women.

Latin terms can be male-centric like Homo Sapien that means "wise man".

“Mal” prefix for many words comes from “Mal” which means “bad” in Latin. This makes me wonder what the word “male” is derived from.

Even countries have male-centric names: United (King)dom and Ger(man)y.

America is named after "Americus", which is first name of Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci. In olden days only men were explorers. Women stayed home to care for babies.

Religion is male-centric. Christian doctrine of Trinity says God is three
people consisting of Father, Son (Jesus Christ) and Holy Spirit (assumed to be male).

- - - -

Two most offensive male-centric words are menstration and menopause. Enough said.

Email me additional male-centric words or phrases.

Eliminate male-centric culture by electing more women to political office.

Men are an Existential Threat.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
First Published: 8/26/17
Last Revised: 4/10/19








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