#MeToo movement against sexual harassment and assaults started in October 2017. It was long overdue and I applaud its results in exposing men, who used their high level positions to prey on women.

Howver, as a man, I have unusual thoughts about #MeToo.

First, this movement should continue and grow.

Second, this movement should not define women as victims. Women are better leaders than men and not simply victims.

Third, it should not overshadow the larger and more advanced women's movement that I call "Women as Leaders".

- - - -

That movement began on May 6, 1960 when the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved first birth control pill.

It gave women a reliable method of birth control. In a very real way, it liberated women. They could decide when and if they wanted children.

Women could pursue whatever career or lifesyle they wanted.

Since then women in large numbers have entered all fields of the workforce, especially politics.

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#MeToo portrays women as victims.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
First Published: 3/31/19
Last Revised: 4/10/19
Email: dlwilmeth@icloud.com



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