My Story


My life is one example of how the "Women as Leaders" movement has helped millions of people - Men and Women.

During childhood, I craved attention and got it by earning good grades at school. Only later did I appreciate the importance of education, hard work and obeying rules critical to a comfortable middle class life.

- - - -

I earned a degree in government 50 years ago. Year of community college then finished on campus. High paying summer jobs from friends of my dad and winning a car paid for my college education. Graduated loan free. Call me lucky.

Raised in Indiana and moved to Washington, DC after graduation. There were few jobs, requiring a college education, in town where I grew up.

It took 6 weeks to find a federal job. Again lucky.

My second degree in city planning, a few years later, was possible because my college educated wife had a good job and I worked part-time as a cab driver. Graduated loan free. I found another job with the government.

Maybe, I should change my middle name to lucky.

- - - -

It is difficult to stay in the Middle Class. Family help is often needed. My status as a life long member is because two loving wives supported me during my 2 periods of depression. Each about a year long.

Two college degrees used to guarantee a Comfortable Middle Class life. No longer. At age 40, my Master’s degree in City Planning became useless, because too many people had that degree.

How did I recover? Unusual story. I was an excellent typist and knew how to format typed documents. So that’s what I did. It paid well. I made $12 - $16 an hour 30 years ago.

Studied at night and took college level courses in database management - one of many jobs in IT. After a few years, I had a new career with a stable Comfortable Middle Class income.

One way to drop out or fail to join Comfortable Middle Class is addiction. This can be alcohol, drugs and now opiates.

For whatever reason, I have only a few drinks each year. With no interest in drugs. This is not a strength, but simply who I am.

Living in the Comfortable Middle Class requires luck, effort, education and ability to change.

I am an advocate, philosopher, writer, observer and cheer leader for Women.


Game being played is called survival of our species.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
First Published: 3/30/17
Last Revised: 4/14/19



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