the pill

The "Future is Female" movement began on May 9, 1960.

On that date, FDA approved birth control pill.

Women finally gained reliable control of reproduction. They could decide if and when they would have children.

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It has been about 60 years since "The Pill" was available. Let me reflect on the impact, by taking a brief look at how it affected me, as a man.

My first wife and I graduated from college 1970. She wanted to pursue a career in journalism and relied on birth control pills to prevent pregnancy.

While my career was mediocre. My wife soared.

She started at a small radio station and quickly moved up to a TV news editor at a major network. At age 30, she decided to have a child and stopped taking the "Pill".

Our family lived in a large home near excellent schools. With our two incomes (her's was much larger) we enjoyed a good life.

This brief story has been repeated in millions of families.

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Women are Equal and Better.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
First Published: 12/22/17
Last Revised: 4/15/19



     The Pill






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