Thinking Toolbox

To understand how I arrived at my opinions on "Women as Leaders", let me list the many tools in my Thinking Toolbox.


Let's start with with a definition: Belief is acceptance of a view that can neither be proved or disproved.

I believe that women are better leaders than men. This unusual belief is based on my adult life of 50 years. I have found them highly intelligent and successful. I have married twice and both women have put up with me for many years. I'm a lucky guy.


Tautology is a statement that has been universally accepted as true.

My favorite tautology is mathematics. Entire concept of Base 10 math depends on our fingers and thumbs (digits).

Example: "2 + 2 = 4". Humans have agreed that "2" and "4" represent certain number of digits. Symbol "+" adds them together and "=" provides an answer. Sounds simple. It is not. That's why we start teaching math before kids attend school.

Language is a tautology. A group of people accept common definitions for different words.

Certainly the idea that women are better leaders is not a tautology yet. Hopefully in a few decades, it will become one.


Let's start by giving examples of binary: 0/1, On/Off, Yes/No, True/False and Right/Left.

Binary thinking only allows you to choose between two answers, that typically are opposites.

Normally I respond with Binary answer to most questions. For example, I say "Women are better leaders than men".

If I used an advanced level of thinking, my answer would be several pages long.


Visible light is made up of a spectrum of colors from roughly Blue (violet) to Red. Science says these colors are electromagnetic wavelengths from about 400 to 800 nano meters (nm).

This scientific concept intrigues me because it represents a method of thinking, that allows a range of answers to most questions. One example is politics. Blue is used to identify Democrats (liberal) and Red identifies Republicans (conservative).

Why these colors represent certain political or philosophical leanings is a mystery to me.

While most people consider themselves Blue or Red, there is a huge spectrum in betweeen.

For example, overall I am a Blue (democrat), but a Red (republican) when talking about fiscal policy.

Are men or women better leaders? You will get a spectrum of answers. Today that spectrum is contains a bright red for men and a dull blue for women.

I hope my essays will help change the color to a bright blue for women in the future.

Scientific Method

Most rigid method of thinking is science. You start with a theory and form a hypothesis that can be tested.

After conducting experiments, you analyze data and arrive at a conclusion.

Other scientists can repeat experiment and either confirm or reject your theory.

I have a view that men are more violent. Crime statistics show that 80 to 98% of violent crimes are committed my men. Seems like valid proof.

Set Theory

Set Theory is a mathematical construct that has been loosely adopted by many social sciences.

For example, a group or set of people can be defined in sociology. Data is gathered from this specific group and conclusions made.

Like any science, the experiment can be repeated and similar but not precise results should be obtained.

I would like to see a set diagram for the question: Are women better leaders?


Last and most complex method of thinking is Swirling. My best description is a group of intermingled clouds passing through each other.

Each cloud is unique in size, shape and location.

Men and women are an example. Most of their DNA is similar. They have legs, eyes and arms.

Yet their sexual DNA is radically different.

Add in cultural differences plus individual experiences and each person is unique.

How do you think and answer questions by Swirling. Carefully.

To my lovely wife, I apologize for not taking trash out last night. Again, my head was "Swirling" with ideas and I forgot the time.

Genius is an individual who sees the obvious before other people do.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
First Published: 4/8/19
Last Revised: 4/10/19



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