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Tides are another aspect of my Theory of Circulator Motion.

The common believe is that Gravitational pull of the earth and moon are major factors causing tides. I disagree.

In Theory of Circular Motion, gravity does not exist. In its place are these factors. Not in any order.

  • The earth and its oceans rotate, but at slighly different speeds. The earth is a solid mass and the oceans are obviously a liquid mass.
  • Ocean bottoms especially near land have complex shapes and depths.
  • Friction in the large mass of ocean water will have a minor affect.
  • In Einstein's view of the world, gravity is the curvature of spacetime caused by massive objects. If so, the tides will be affected by this force, but in my opinion by a small amount.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
First Published: 8/18/19



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